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Accounting The Basis For Business Decisions 11th Editionpdf




Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. [Book review] It appears that a number of books on accounting that have been written in the last few years have been critiqued or reviewed for the accounting press. The primary focus of most of these reviews, as is obvious, have been the books that were written during the last twenty-five years. These are books that covered topics that have been major components of accounting education. It has also appeared that some of the authors of these books have had a long and productive careers. Such authors, some of whom are internationally known, are perceived to have created material that has been influential in accounting education. These authors include author David A. Abrams and authors James A. Coran, Robert L. Kingson, and Thomas J. Kessock. While this book is not a review of all of the books that have been published during the last quarter century, this review will focus on the book, Accounting : the basis for business decisions. [Why Accounting? Review of the Business Environment] These authors were motivated to write the book because of the importance of accounting as it relates to business. They have provided a perspective on the current business environment and the role of accounting in this environment. This environment is typically described as complex. The nature of the environment, as will be discussed later in this review, makes it complex. [Accounting Research and Theory] Accounting research and theory has been growing at a steady pace over the last twenty-five years. The authors have provided a review of this growth in accounting research and theory. The volume of research has been extensive with the last major review of research being published in the 1990’s by Pestana et al. (2000). [The editors of the book are the authors of that book.] Accounting research has also been focused on the need for increased research on accounting topics. [What is Accounting?] This book has provided a detailed description of what is meant by accounting. This definition is extensive and has been broken down into seven components. The components of accounting are: accounting, audit, finance, management accounting, management information systems, managerial accounting, and performance measurement. Accounting, as discussed by the authors, is a monetary function in the business and, by extension, it is also a function in the governmental areas. Accounting, as an activity, involves the recording of business transactions, as well as the preparation of financial reports. These financial reports are used by the manager



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Accounting The Basis For Business Decisions 11th Editionpdf
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